“You want to know when you send your files off to get Printed that they are going to come back looking AMAZING First Time, Everytime and you find yourself saying ‘WOW!’ Everytime! (Not just at the Incredible Quality but the ‘Great Prices’ too!)”

My name is Shane Goldberg and I would like to welcome you to a unique opportunity to have your photos and work printed by trade qualified experts. We’re a small family business and pride ourselves on giving you Great Quality Prints EVERY Time! Fast Turn Around with Great Prices on ALL jobs.

As a small family business we have kept our overheads low on purpose to ensure we can give our clients fantastic prices yet still maintain the high quality that professionals expect.

If you’re looking for a new feature to hang on your wall, Order a Canvas Print using one of your photos and have it turned into an Exhibition Canvas delivered to your door in a couple of days from the time we receive your photo!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to check out the site or call or email or use the Live Chat option at the bottom of this page and if I’m online I’d be happy to chat and help you out. At the end of the day it’s all about you getting the absolute best prints you can for the absolute best price with great service!

Is Quality Important? Does it Really Matter?
Are you kidding me?? OF COURSE IT MATTERS!!!

Good question! Here’s how we do it and see what you think…

From the moment you make your order with us you will soon realize that we’re not joking when we say it’s all about the Quality & Fanatical Customer Service. We ‘Communicate’ and keep you in the loop and give you feedback with your order constantly and you can always check it’s status online anytime or email, call 1300 40 70 70 or heck even call my mobile 0415 622 733 or Live chat with us! We work with you to make sure you’re getting the best possible result for anything you’re having printed.

Then there’s the TOP quality products we use to get you the very best Premium product in your hands. Including our Hahnemühle German Fine-Art Canvas and Papers. We exclusively use Hahnemühle Canvas for all our canvas prints. We also use Hahnemühle Photo Rag Satin and Sugar Cane Fine Art Papers. If you have an exhibition or you’re needing Fine-art prints we can help you out with a wide variety and range of the highest quality Fine-Art papers.

Would You Rather Drive an
Old Beat Up VW or the Latest Porsche?

Using the highest grade materials on your work sets you in a league and class of your own! It will make your work look the BEST it can. The results we get are nothing short of stunning and breath taking! Just check out what our clients have to say here.

Quite simple if Quality is Important to you and you want a GREAT / Stunning result then you’re in the right place. But, if you don’t give a hoot and you’ll accept any crap then maybe go to Big W or one of the other dime a dozen canvas printers around!! I bet you they’re not using Hahnemühle Canvas!!! :) I guarantee it! Plus, they’ll probably charge you a small fortune too!

Feel free to check out the Hahnemühle website so you can see for yourself. As you’ll soon discover they’re all about quality too. They’ve been making paper since 1584 and they are the world leaders when it comes to fine-art papers and canvas products. They’re not cheap but they are the best! The Canvas we’re using is a 400gsm Matte canvas. We finish it off with a nice Satin laminate/lacquer – 3 coats for a beautiful finish.

We also use Chromajet Photographic media. Another high end very very high quality product. We normally use Chromajet products for our Metallic, Gloss, Matte and Silk prints.

Stretcher bars – well this is an area that you could probably write a book about! The long and short of it is there are a number of different grades of stretcher bars from the cheaper Fir wood, to the higher quality Pines, regrowth forrest woods, and hardwoods. We’re currently using a Kiln Dried New Zealand Radiata Pine. It’s a very high quality timber and will hold your canvas in shape for decades!

So you might be thinking can’t I just go to Big W, Harvey Normans or Officeworks or somewhere like that? Well if you want to do that you’re welcome to! As an example though I went into Officeworks the other day and asked about their Canvas printing. I asked if they Laminate / Seal their Canvas prints. The guy didn’t even know what I was talking about. He said “Yeah, we do laminating here!” I said “No, I mean laminating the actual canvas to seal it!” he said “No we don’t do that, we just print it and then frame it”.

So what’s the big deal hey? mmmm well if you want your print to last, not to fade, be able to clean it without damaging it then it is a big deal! That’s just one example. At the end of the day if you want the best you’re in the right place! 

Plus, most of those supermarket places are more expensive too! We’re a TRADE Printer with WHOLESALE PRICES!

We print on the BEST
Epson Photographic Printer around!
The Epson Stylus Pro 9900

Yes, that’s right the BEST. The Epson 9900. Some will say you’re getting the best when they’re printing on the Epson 11880 BUT, that is not true. It’s a ‘good’ printer but it’s not the best! Other companies use the 11880 because it’s a 60″ machine and they can get more canvas prints on a sheet at a time and they make more money that way, kind of like the ‘production line setup’ more than you can on the 9900 but it has less colours and a smaller colour gamut.

Photo Enhance Service (PES) Making Your Images Look Better Than You Imagined!

With Over 20 years Digital Imaging and Photoshop Experience we can help you get your images looking amazing that make people say WOW! That’s amazing. If you have no idea about photoshop or are not very experienced with photoshop then you may be interested in our ‘Photo Enhancement Service’ which basically means we go in and give your images some extra loving to make sure they look their best when printed! This service is only $10 per image. (Some of this things we will tweek are: Brightness and Contrast, Colour, Shadow & Highlights, Sharpness, Resizing if required etc. just to name a few!)

“I returned home from a business trip to find the photograph 24 x 36″ Canvas Poppies waiting for me.

It is simply stunning. The extra ten bucks for tweaking is the best $10 I have ever spent!

Your service is amazing and I will certainly be sending more work your way.

Best wishes 
Brian Bowker,
Wamberal, NSW Australia”

I’m looking forward to printing your work whether it be big or small. Send it my way and you wont be disappointed. All of our reviews, raves and testimonials are from real clients just like you!

If you ever have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re more than happy to help.